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Digital Videography and DVD Authoring

We provide professional on-site event videography and DVD authoring featuring: 


Highest quality Digital Video recording and DVD production in High Resolution Widescreen (16:9) format with Dolby Digital Audio, perfect for Big Screen TVs and Home Theatre systems.


Professionally edited and authored to the best DVD media available.


DVDs have full motion menu providing convenient access to each performance/scene.

Follow the links below for more information. 


Cheerleading Competition DVDs - Ontario Cheerleading Federation

Cheerleading Competition DVDs - Cheer Alliance

Ontario Cheerleading Federation - Regional, Wildcard and Provincial competitions on DVD.

Cheer Alliance - Nationals, 'Cheer for the Cure', and Fall Classic competitions on DVD.

Recitals and Performances

Skating Carnivals

Dance recitals, school performances and talent showcases on DVD. Skating Club Carnivals and events on DVD.

Pageants and Other Events

Family Events and Weddings

Miss Canada Scholarship pageants. Relive all the wonderful memories of your special day with creative videography on DVD. 

Other Special Occasions


Remember your special occasions: Graduation, anniversaries, birthdays.



Videography and DVD Authoring Service - Information

If you would like to have your next athletic event, theatrical production or other special event video recorded, produced and distributed on DVD and are interested in the services Captured Moments can provide, please click on the camera picture at the left or the following link for a PDF file (216 Kb) outlining our services  ->  Captured Moments Videography and DVD Services



DVD Updates (2006): 

United Way "Dance Festival" Chatham 2006 Show - DVD was produced and mailed by Nov 21, 2006

"Megan MacLennan" Chatham 2006 Recital - DVD was produced and mailed by Sept 16, 2006

"UCC Us Dance" Chatham 2006 Recital - DVD was produced and delivered by June 12, 2006

"Elite On Broadway" Sarnia 2006 Recital - DVD was produced and mailed by June 6, 2006

Cheer Alliance 2006 National Competition - All 6 DVDs plus an Awards and Stunts DVD were produced and mailed between June 2-12, 2006

"You Can Dance" Wallaceburg 2006 Recital - DVD was produced and mailed by May 31, 2006

"Dancing With the Stars" Watford 2006 Dance Recital - DVD was produced and mailed by May 29, 2006

OCF 2006 Provincial Competition - All 9 DVDs were produced and mailed between  May 5-26, 2006


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